REU Students

Program Details

The program runs for 10 weeks durring the summer:

June 02, 2014 - August 8, 2014


The purpose of the program is to involve in a summer research program outstanding students who have completed at least their sophomore year and are interested in pursuing graduate studies. It is anticipated that REU students will make a contribution to ongoing faculty research and, more importantly will gain an appreciation and increased interest in a research career.

The success of this program will be measurement in two ways: (a) the proportion of participants who apply and enter graduate programs; (b) the proportion of those students supported for research activities during the year(s) following participation in the summer research program.


Each grant (stipend) will be $5,000 for support of the student for ten weeks plus the cost of tuition and fees for one credit hour of required independent study/research course. The program will also: 1) provide housing or pay a housing allowance, 2) provide up to $400 for travel expenses.

Arrangements for equipment, supplies and other miscellaneous items will be coordinated with the Faculty mentor with whom the student will work.

Method of Award

Each student applicant will submit a completed application, one faculty recommendation letter and a current official transcript. Be sure to include a description of special research area(s) of interest within your field. This description will aid in pairing the applicant up with a faculty mentor. It is not the intent of this activity to stimulate “student generated” research ideas; rather, the purpose is to seek contributions to ongoing faculty research thrusts.

Student Requirements and Expectations

  • Applicants must current be enrolled and majoring in Electrical Engineering or Computer Engineering.
  • Completed sophomore year (at least 60 hours) by the end of Spring 2014 (exceptions can be made on a case-by-case basis).
  • Applicants must be U.S. Citizens or permanent residents.
  • As a REU participant, you will be enrolled as a TAMU student and will be expected to follow excused absence rules found at for all REU activities
  • Texas state law (SB 1107) requires that all students (under age 30) entering an institution of higher education in Texas to either receive a bacterial meningitis vaccination or meet certain criteria for declining such vaccination.
  • Participants may not be enrolled in additional courses during the entire 10-week summer period, other than the required independent study/research course.
  • Participate in-residence in all designated activities for the entire 10-week session, no late arrival, early departures, or vacation time-off.
  • Expected to commit at least 40 hours a week
    • Includes research hours worked determined by the research mentor
    • Includes mandatory REU activities including GRE prep, ethics, and professional development
  • Research hours and schedule to be worked are determined by individual faculty mentor.
  • Give two brief presentations on his/her respective project during the course of the program.
  • Prepare an abstract and a poster presentation describing the results of his/her research.
  • The program administrators reserve the right to reduce or revoke stipend amount, and/or lower final course grade, and/or dismiss participant from the program at any time should requirements and expectations not be met.