REU Students

Program Details

The program runs for 10 weeks durring the summer:

June 02, 2015 - August 7, 2015


The purpose of the program is to involve in a summer research program outstanding students who have completed at least their sophomore year and are interested in pursuing graduate studies. It is anticipated that REU students will make a contribution to ongoing faculty research and, more importantly will gain an appreciation and increased interest in a research career.

The success of this program will be measurement in two ways: (a) the proportion of participants who apply and enter graduate programs; (b) the proportion of those students supported for research activities during the year(s) following participation in the summer research program.


Each student will recieve a reserach grant that includes a stipend for the ten week program plus the cost of tuition and fees for one credit hour of required independent study/research course. The program will also: 1) provide housing or pay a housing allowance, 2) provide support for travel to and from the programs.

Arrangements for equipment, supplies and other miscellaneous items will be coordinated with the Faculty mentor with whom the student will work.

Please see the USRG website for more details about the funding: