Faculty Mentors

The following faculty will participate as mentors in the Smart Energy and Smart Systems REU Site. Applicants are encouraged to click on the faculty member's name or photo for a link to his or her research web site to learn more about each faculty mentor. Applicants are encouraged to list faculty with whom they would prefer to work (in order of preference) in the appropriate field in the on-line application.

Dr. Robert S. Balog Dr. Robert S. Balog
REU research thrust: Powering the Smart Grid Sensor System, Point-of-Load Decentralize Control in a Smart Distribution Grid, Photovoltaic Energy Converstion and Grid Integration
Dr. Karen Butler-Purry Dr. Karen Butler-Purry
REU research thrust: Active Management of the Smart Grid
Dr. Rusty Harris Dr. Rusty Harris
REU research thrust: Electrical Switch Devices for Power Flow Control in a Smart Grid
Dr. Jose Silva-Martinez Dr. Jose Silva-Martinez
REU research thrust: Power-Efficient High-Resolution RF to Digital Converter for Broadband Smart Grid
Dr. Haiyan Wang Dr. Haiyan Wang
REU research thrust: Nanostructured High Temperature Superconductors for Smart Grid Power Distribution
Dr. Xie Le Dr. Le Xie
REU research thrust: Smart Grid Demand Response, Integration of Renewable Resources, Data-Driven Analytics for Power Systems