Publication List (2004 onwards)

• Yanou Yang, Jun Kameoka, Timothy Wachs, Jack Henion, H. G. Craighead. “Quantitative Mass
Spectrometric Determination of Methylphenidate Concentration in Urine using an Electrospray Ionization Source
Integrated with Polymer Microchip” accepted by Analytical Chemistry (2004)
• Jun Kameoka, David A. Czaplewski, Haigqin Liu, H. G. Craighead. “Polymeric Nanowire Architecture”
Invited Highlight Review Paper for Journal of Materials Chemistry volume 14 1503-1505 (2004)
• Haigqin Liu, Jun Kameoka, David A. Czaplewski, H. G. Craighead. “A Polymeric Nanowire Chemical Sensor”
volume 4 671-675 Nano Letter (2004)
• Jun Kameoka, Scott Verbridge, Haiqing Liu, David A. Czaplewski, H. G. Craighead. “Fabrication of Silica
Nanowires from Polymeric Materials using A Scanned Electrospinning” Volume 4, 2105- 2108 Nano letter

• N. Jing, M, Wang, Jun Kameoka. “Fabrication of Ultrafine Zirconia Nanofibers by Electrospinning” Volume
18, 503- 506, Journal of Photopolymer Science and Technology (2005)
• Leon M. Bellan, Jun Kameoka, H. G. Craighead. “Measurement of the Young”s moduli of individual
polyethelene oxide and glass nanofibers.” Volume 16, 1095- 1099 Nanotechnology (2005)
• Yanou Yang, Chen Li, Jun Kameoka, Kelvin H. Lee and H. G. Craighead. “A polymeric microchip with
integrated tips and in situ polymerized monolith for electrospray mass spectrometry.” Volume 5, 1-8 Lab on a
chip (2005)

• Wang, M., Jing, N.,Su, Chin B., Chou,C.K., Hung, M.C., Chang, K.A., Kameoka, J.. “Electrospinning of
Silica Nanochannel for Single Molecule Detection” Applied Physics Letter 88, 033106 (2006)
• Deotare P. B and Kameoka J. "Fabrication of Silica nanocomposite-cups using electrospraying".
Nanotechnology, 17, 1380-1383 (2006)

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