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Electrical Machines & Power Electronics (EMPE) Laboratory

at Texas A&M University


Description: Description: solar cells

Description: Description: TeslaThe invention of the wheel was perhaps rather obvious; but the invention of an invisible wheel, made of nothing but a magnetic field, was far from obvious, and that is what we owe to Nikola Tesla.

Reginald Kapp, 1956


OUR GOAL is to perform research in the area of electric machinery and power electronics. It is our goal to explore new electric machines and motor drives topologies for various applications. These applications may vary from new motor drive topologies for computer hard disk to electric vehicles. This laboratory is equipped with various state of the art equipments and is growing.

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Prospective Students
Please apply to the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department through the Office of Graduate Studies or Nancy Reichart(nancy@ece.tamu.edu) who is a staff assistant.
As soon as you are admitted, you may contact Dr. Toliyat.


Professional Interests:

1.         Consulting in related fields and serving as an expert witness

2.         Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS)

3.         Power supplies

4.         Power converters for electric machines including multilevel converters.

5.         Distributed Energy Systems; Wind Mills, Microturbine, Solar

6.         Smart Grids and their components

7.         Motors and generators, high speed, medium voltage, etc.

8.         Auxiliary power generators

9.         Submersible motors and downhole equipment.

10.      Sensors and Sensorless electric motor drive and spindle motors

11.      DSP-based power electronics systems

12.      Novel electric machines for different applications

13.      Simulation techniques such as finite elements analysis and PSpice and Saber.

14.      Condition monitoring and fault diagnosis of electric machinery

15.      Electric and Hybrid Electric Vehicles

16.      Electromechanical energy storage batteries

17.      Active power filters for power systems network

18.      Magnetic gears

19.         Fuel cell operated electric motor drives

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