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News and announcements.


1 RESQUE, a fast and accurate reduction-based network querying algorithm is now available for download. Visit [RESQUE] to download the source code of RESQUE.
2 NAPAbench, a comprehensive benchmark for network alignment is now available at [NAPAbench]. You can download both the benchmark dataset as well as the software (and source code) that was used to generate the synthetic network families in the dataset.
3 The paper "PicXAA-R: efficient structural alignment of multiple RNA sequences using a greedy approach" (by S. M.E. Sahraeian and B.-J. Yoon) won the Best Paper Award at the 9th Asia Pacific Bioinformatics Conference (APBC2011), held in Incheon, Korea, Jan 11-14, 2011.
4 PicXAA-Web, a web-based multiple sequence alignment tool developed based on PicXAA and PicXAA-R is now available. Visit [PicXAA-Web] to access the PicXAA web-server.
5 PicXAA & PicXAA-R, probabilistic non-progressive multiple protein/DNA/RNA sequence alignment algorithms are now available for download. Visit [PicXAA] to download the software and its source code.
6 PCSHMM, a software for finding structural alignment of RNAs (including pseudoknots) is now available.
- Visit [PCSHMM] to download the software.


Last update: Sep.26.2014